Make a choice, and don’t hold back.

Never let excuses throw you off track.

Get out there and create your blessings.

Don’t let negative opinions stop you from progressing.

Let people say whatever they want.

Don’t explain yourself; Remain nonchalant.

Their level of perception is not your concern.

If they want to open their minds, then they can learn.

The Law of Mirrors explains, that one can only see what’s inside them.

That must mean, their insults reflect qualities, that reside within them.

Realize some will not consider ideas beyond what they’re taught.

Ultimately, we must decide whom we want in our lives or not.

We don’t know how much time we have left in our lives.

Focus hard on what matters most until victory arrives.

Keep your eyes on the prize, despite interference.

Change is inevitable; Don’t neglect coherence.

Support motivates us. Without it, you can still be great.

Anything is possible, have some faith.

When it comes to our thoughts & efforts, we’re in control.

Push forward & believe you can achieve any goal.

Don’t get discouraged for any reason.

You’re enough and can improve in every season.

Let nothing get in your way, of your true purpose.

Listen to your heart & soul, forget about the surface.

Nothing can stop you except for yourself.

Please don’t get carried away by proving oneself.

Do things for your happiness and success.

Believe in yourself and trust the process.

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