Choreographer & Director
Nadia Beni

Kamenie Lakhan |left|
Nadia Beni |middle|
Jennipher Rodriguez

Photographer & Videographer
Jean-Claude Rasch

Keep Your Spirit Dancing!

At 26 years old, I began taking a Bollywood dance class on Sundays at Bellywood Studios in Orlando, Florida. Even though it would’ve been beneficial to start learning Indian dance styles at a younger age, I’m grateful to have started as an adult. The instructor, Nadia Beni, has made the experience straightforward, exciting, and rewarding. We filmed the video above in February 2020, and I’m amazed at how much progress I’ve made since then. Acquiring these new skills has been liberating and empowering all around. For the first time, my mental, physical, & emotional state are at a healthy balance, and dancing a little every day is the reason for that.

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